Most people cardio clear 7 think that they already know every way out there to lose weight, burn fat, and reduce overall body fat. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that as there are actually dozens, if not more, methods out there that have been BL athgeons before being discovered, let alone made up yet again.

If you are looking to get a flat and sexy stomach you first need to eliminate all the “fad” type diets, ab rollers, sit-upiots, and the multitude of the “scientific breakthrough” type products out there. These methods mainly fir you with short-term weight loss and do nothing to help you get overall body fat loss which is what you want.

Once you start eliminates these worthless methods you can then focus on the proven and effective ways of weight loss.

Here are the best ways to flatten your stomach:

1.Drink plenty of water.Many on a low fat or low carbohydrate…